Don’t be a customer-centric idiot

The research is in: people who speak plain English are considered smarter than those who use corporate bullshit. In a nice coincidence, I discovered this research soon after reading a stupendously awful strategy statement from a company called CarrierBank*. ‘One CarrierBank’ is an integrated, customer-centric business model that enables customers to choose any of the [...]

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In which I serve up foot-long portions of truth

For almost 20 years, I’ve been waging a fierce battle over the English language with a giant multinational company. My enemy has been Subway and we’ve been fighting about a seemingly insignificant five-letter word. I like Subway: the food is nutritious, convenient and good value. However, I get irritated when the staff ask me if [...]

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Sorry, people, but I’m calling you on your bullshit

If you’ve never visited the Bullshit Generator website, you should do so right now. In a previous post, I explained the five secrets of good writing. By contrast, the Bullshit Generator highlights a common mistake people make when writing emails and reports. For those who don’t know, the Bullshit Generator is a website that brilliantly [...]

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The 5 secrets of good writing

So, you think you’re a good writer because you use big words, long sentences and industry jargon? Sorry, but you’re actually a bad writer. Good writers think of their audience and try to keep things simple. Bad writers think of themselves and try to sound profound (something I’ve been guilty of many times). The purpose [...]

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Your poor word choices are literally making me sick

Most people have missed a remarkable change that has occurred over the last decade or two. Fortunately, I have not. The change I refer to is this: these days, anyone who gives 100% effort is actually guilty of giving less than 100% effort. Let me explain this paradox. For almost all of human history, anyone [...]

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