The Star Trek future beckons

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Real estate is set to undergo massive changes in the way that homes are designed, built, priced and listed, which will force agents to significantly update their skills. Picture the scene: you wake up, grab [...]

Big four have big call to make on P2P: SocietyOne

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Australia’s big banks appear to be faced with an “innovator’s dilemma” of whether to crush, ignore or co-opt the peer-to-peer sector. SocietyOne chief executive Matt Symons said he was encouraged by a recent Morgan Stanley report that [...]

APRA issues warning about ‘heightened’ mortgage risks

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Banks with aggressive lending practices have been told to expect APRA “increasingly at their doorstep”. Chairman Wayne Byres said in a speech yesterday that “the current economic environment for housing lenders is characterised by heightened [...]

REA accused of ‘deceptive and misleading’ behaviour

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Domain Group has threatened to report REA Group to the regulator after accusing its arch-rival of fudging figures. Domain chief executive Antony Catalano said REA Group had falsely claimed to have made audience gains over [...]

PM wins legal victory over disgruntled residents

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A legal tribunal has found in favour of a property management company and overturned a ruling that it compensate two former tenants. The Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal overruled a decision from August 2014 that [...]

Bank’s ultra-low variable rate drives 380pc surge in volumes

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Aggregator statistics have revealed the significant impact that interest rate cuts can have on where brokers send their business. The market has recently been impacted by two major variable-rate reductions – Suncorp Bank unveiling a [...]

Bank volumes keep rising, non-bank volumes keep falling

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Non-bank lending has fallen to its lowest levels in nine years and is now almost 19 per cent below its pre-GFC peak. The non-bank sector made $142.8 billion of loans and advances in November, according [...]

December 19 could be biggest settlements day in history

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Brokers, banks and processing companies have been "inundated with mortgages" as pressure builds to convert spring sales into pre-Christmas settlements. ME Bank's national manager of brokers, Stewart Saunders, said the mutual had been a little [...]

Radical metro revamp a real estate boon

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Plans to add up to 60,000 apartments in a key Sydney corridor could mean a real estate bonanza, with one real estate director already talking expansion. The NSW government has forecast that the redevelopment of Parramatta [...]